Stanistav Aizin

I am a professional researcher, consultant and manager in the field of sociology and social engineering, author of the book "Social Innovation - Global Experience: 10 Nations turning the tide of societal development". My education includes Master of Law & Jurisprudence.


The book "Social Innovation - Global Expirience"

The book "Social Innovation - Global Experience" was written to collect outstanding precedents of complex state-level reforms, analyzing solutions that facilitate or hinder their implementation. Concluding chapter provides recommendations on the process of introduction and implementation of social innovations.

The author seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What are these reforms leading to and how are they being implemented?
  • What errors occur?
  • What strong solutions were applied?
  • Can some reforms be transferred from one country to another?
  • Is the experience of reform implementation unique to each country?
Book excerpt

The book contains examples of social innovation from ten countries: Singapore, China, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Russia, Canada, Norway, USA, Iceland, and Portugal.

Each of the chapters is dedicated to a specific country and structured as follows:

  1. Historical background. In what conditions did social innovations arise and how were they introduced?
  2. Formulation of objectives. What kind of goal each government wanted to achieve?
  3. Solutions "+" and solutions "-". State-level errors and effective steps that may be useful for other countries to adopt.
  4. Conclusions and recommendations.


Do you want to open a socially conscious business? Create an integrated and connected work environment in your company? Create or improve social movement? Develop and implement social design into policy or infrastructure?

I provide consulting for individuals, groups and organizations that include a set of interviews to assess social needs and develop programs tailored to your goals.

Solutions will include:

Advanced analytical research

System of goals and objectives

Ready to use social technologies

Feedback and support

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Designed by Jacque Fresco


Inspired by futurist and designer Jacque Fresco, my colleagues and I are working to advance a new branch of science with social concern. Sociocyberneering is a multidisciplinary approach to create, facilitate and govern human behavior that implement best practices of social arrangement and social design for a higher standard of living in the better world.

Sociocyberneering the scientific study of social psychology, group dynamics, cultural and environmental effects on social development, physical infrastructure effects on behavior, access to public good and governance.

The term “Sociocyberneering” was coined by Fresco in 1977, when he founded a membership organization in Miami, Florida, that promoted his ideas of social organization through implementation of effective city-system design. He proposed transition to a hypothetical new economic model for standardized production and resource management. In 1990 he founded The Venus project in Venus, Florida where his group built 10 futuristic-style buildings, to showcase his designs. This project sparked a global movement which made the world aware of new alternatives. Fresco hosted weekly seminars in Venus, until his death in 2017 at the age of 101.

Science of Sociocyberneering seeks to continue Fresco's research and greatly expand his ideas, to develop social technologies that can be implemented today. As more challenges arise from shortcomings of our spontaneous and reactive evolution, we believe that proactive social engineering is the way of the future.


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